Architectural insitu lighting

LED swimming pool light installation exclusive to Terrastone Architectural Concrete

Bespoke LED pool lights in Perth

Is your outdoor space in need of some colour? Do you want to bring some life back to your swimming pool? Light up your pool and brighten up your outdoor area with MillaLite decorative pool lights, available exclusively through Terrastone Architectural Concrete.

MillaLite is a revolutionary RGBW LED swimming pool lighting system that illuminates the entire surface of your pool. Unlike traditional LED strip lighting, MillaLite is built into the perimeter of your pool surround at the time your concrete is laid for a superior, streamlined look that will last for years to come.

MillaLite is not only for swimming pool lights. The system can be fitted to virtually any concrete formwork – illuminate your concrete staircase or make your outdoor kitchen glow. With MillaLite, the only limit is your imagination.

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Millalite - Architectural Insitu lighting embedded in pool edge
Control pool lighting with the Millalite mobile app

LED colour control for your pool lights

MillaLite is fully programmable through your smartphone, with over 16 million colour variations to choose from.

With a quick swipe of your finger, MillaLite gives you the freedom to create a tranquil, peaceful space or transform your outdoor area into the ultimate party spot. The lighting can even be programmed to change colours to your favourite music! With MillaLite, you can have any colour you want, any way you want it.

In traditional RGB lighting systems, the white colour is produced by a combination of the red, green, and blue LEDs illuminating at their highest intensity. However, this tends to produce a colour that is not a true white. With MillaLite, the white light is produced by a separate LED, resulting in a brilliant true white that must be seen to be believed!

Look no further than MillaLite for a one of a kind luminous lighting experience for your swimming pool.

Installed as your concrete pool surround is laid

Unlike other LED strip lighting systems, which are typically retrofitted to the edge of the pool, MillaLite is built into your pool surround at the time your concrete is laid.

The result is a cleaner, superior look that is extremely durable. Enjoy the fun, freedom, and elegance of LED pool lighting permanently installed into your pool surround for many years to come.

  • MillaLite is embedded into your concrete formwork for a clean look and long lasting durability.
  • Installation must be quoted as part of your concrete pool surround project.
  • MillaLite must be installed at the time your concrete is laid.
Millalite LED perimeter light embedded in concrete
Millalite continuous pool lighting with no dark spots.

Premium quality LED pool lighting

Traditional LED pool light systems use a single or multiple individual light sources to illuminate the pool. This can result in dark spots in areas of the pool where the light cannot reach. With MillaLite, the light source is all around your pool, resulting in even illumination across the entire pool surface – no more dark spots!

The MillaLite pool LED lighting system is manufactured from high quality, eco-friendly, UV resistant PVC. It features a flat surface with high brightness and even colour-mix (no dots). The system can be custom made to any length and fitted to virtually any concrete formwork.

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